#BUC2021 was held on-line with 15 teams competing. See the videos below for more about who was involved, what the competition was like – and who won!

background of dandelion seeds with names of competing teams over it
picture of dandelion seeds with the names of the team over it

What did the teams think of #BUC2021

Their highlights from the competition were:

Really enjoyed all aspects of questions, was FANTASTIC being in company of such talented botanists and to be reassured the subject area is as vibrant as ever.

Watching the live-stream and sharing it with friends and family so we could answer questions together.

Managing to answer at least one question correctly for the team with my limited knowledge and getting into the semi-finals.

That it was online! Made it feel much less intimidating.

Listening to all the interesting questions and seeing people answer them, as well as the nice atmosphere.

Developing my botanical knowledge, exciting to be part of the quiz, love the t-shirt!

Was just super fun to be part of a plant-centric quiz!