Botanical University Challenge

Image of 8 colourful flowers

An annual contest of botanical knowledge between teams of UK and Irish university students.

Dates for #BUC2024 are three on-line rounds in February 2024 (14, 21, 28 starting 2 pm each day) and a live final in August 2024. Tickets for the livestream and live event will be available. There will be a Student Botany Festival open to all BUC2024 contestants following the live final.

The contest grew to 25 teams in 2023 that was held on-line with the final live hosted by University of Nottingham. BUC started in 2016 as a contest between 5 teams held at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. In 2021 it went online and 15 teams competed from around the UK, from Aberdeen to Southampton. In 2022 the number grew and included a team from Ireland. How many will there be in #BUC2024?

To enter a team

Teams represent their institution and consist of 4 students registered on a degree course, along with 1 or 2 reserves. To enter a team, complete this form before 19 January 2024.

Our Sponsors

We are grateful for support from the New Phytologist Foundation, Gatsby Foundation and the British Ecological Society and Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland in 2023. We also thank the Field Studies Council for providing publications as prizes in 2022 and 2023.