Student Botany Festival

Brand new for BUC 2023 was the first BUC Student Botany Festival held alongside the BUC 2023 Live Finals at the  University of Nottingham on Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th July 2023. 

For BUC 2023 competitors

ALL BUC 2023 competitors were welcome to attend, bringing botany students together from the UK and Ireland for a unique 2-day extravaganza celebrating  plants, botany and the next generation of botanists and plant-aware students! 

Funding for accommodation and meals at the University of Nottingham Central Campus and a contribution to travel costs  was available.

For organisations

The Planning Team welcomed a wide range of professional botanists and botanical organisations contributing to the festival providing, amongst other activities, networking opportunities for students on day 1 and careers advice during the Careers Workshop on day 2.