Botanical University Challenge (BUC) is a fun and educational quiz celebrating plants and the next generation of botanists and plant-aware students. It is organised from the University of Reading, along with several volunteers.

BUC is helping students to gain new skills and confidence whilst also enabling them to network and feel less isolated. The BUC Student Botany Festival supports hands on learning and careers activity too.

The BUC community of young botanists is flourishing and growing year on year, but is wholly reliant on volunteers and the generosity of donors to make it happen.  Please support BUC by making a donation.

The University of Reading is an independent corporation with charitable status (reference X 8145), so if you would like to make a gift and are a UK taxpayer, your generosity can be boosted further thanks to Gift Aid.

Please contact Dr Jonathan Mitchley at University of Reading if you want to support BUC by making a donation. Email

Thank you for your support